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Windows RT ships with "Preview" version of Office, not full?


From what I have read here on the Verge and elsewhere, it was clear to me that Windows RT for ARM processors would ship with a full version of Office. However, just a few days ago Microsoft showed Office RT at Microsoft TechEd 2012, and one of the on-screen presentations featured a bar in Excel RT labeling it as a "Preview Edition".



As far as I can tell from a quick Google search, this was interpreted as labeling for the Technical Preview (a form of beta) version the software is currently in. That seemed like a very reasonable conclusion.

Things changed however when Microsoft presented their Surface tablet with Windows RT yesterday, and a little tidbit at the bottom of the About section of the official Surface website caught my eye:


This seems to mean that Windows RT devices will not ship with a full version of Office RT. Am I just uninformed or did I just stumble onto something new here? And if so, in what way will the Preview version differ from a full version? Does it have less features? Will it be free only for a limited amount of time?

I guess there is another possible option: Microsoft will ship Windows RT with a beta (Preview) version of Office RT, but that sounds insane to me.

What do you guys think?