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BBC iPlayer now lets you rewind and restart live TV

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The BBC's iPlayer has been outfitted with a new feature that lets you skip to the beginning of live, in-progress shows just in case you're running late.

BBC iPlayer Live Restart
BBC iPlayer Live Restart

The BBC has unveiled a new feature for its iPlayer video on demand service that ensures you'll never miss the beginning of a show again. Called Live Restart, the feature does just what its name implies — it lets you restart and rewind live TV shows. You don't need to have been previously watching or recording the show in order to use the feature, and it goes back as far as two hours. "So, if you're stuck in a traffic jam, or delayed on the tube and miss the critical start of your favourite BBC programme when you get in, with one click you can skip back to the beginning of that live programme," explains Henry Webster, the BBC's executive product manager in media services. The new feature is launching today on the PC, while the BBC says that the mobile, tablet, and smart TV versions of iPlayer will receive the functionality later on this year.