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Guitar Zero circuit board mods Guitar Hero controllers for flawless performances

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Automatically hit every note in 'Guitar Hero' and 'Rock Band' with the help of the Guitar Zero mod.

guitar zero
guitar zero

If you've been having a tough time mastering the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, Guitar Zero won't make you any better, but you will look like the greatest axman to ever grace the Xbox 360. Seeking backing from Kickstarter, the Guitar Zero is a custom circuit card for existing guitar controllers that will let you automatically hit every note in songs from both franchises without requiring any practice or skill.

The mod is compatible with the Guitar Hero 2 Xplorer and Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul guitars and will come preloaded with performances for 1,900 songs, with room to save an additional 64 by connecting the chip to a PC or Mac via TTL Serial to USB cable. The controller's normal functionality will remain intact and users will gain the option of using only strums or fret buttons when playing. If the project reaches its $3,500 goal, Kickstarter backers will receive just the chip or a pre-modded guitar, based on donation amount. After the July 12th cut-off date, the chip will retail for $75 and a pre-modded guitar will cost $150, not including shipping. Take a look at the following video to see the product in action and a glimpse of your rock and roll fate.

Thanks Eric!