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Our live blog of Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit starts today at 9AM PT, 12PM ET

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Our live blog of Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit will begin at 12:00PM ET on Wednesday, June 20th.

Windows Phone tiles
Windows Phone tiles

Microsoft has invited us to a mysterious Windows Phone Summit for June 20th, but is it really that mysterious? With a promised sneak peek at the future of Windows Phone, and alleged leaked screenshots of Windows Phone 8 surfacing last week — is Microsoft about to unveil its next major mobile operating system? Who knows for sure, but you'll find our live blog right here at 12PM ET tomorrow featuring our very own Dieter Bohn and Bryan Bishop. We've provided a selection of time zones below, but if you're still looking for your own one then hit this link for a handy converter. See you then!

06:00AM - Hawaii
08:00AM - Alaska
09:00AM - Pacific
10:00AM - Mountain
11:00AM - Central
12:00PM - Eastern
01:00PM - São Paulo
05:00PM - London
06:00PM - Paris
08:00PM - Moscow
01:00AM - Tokyo (June 21st)
02:00AM - Sydney (June 21st)

Read the live blog right here!