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Facebook ads are clicked more on mobile than on the web

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New number show that a higher percentage of Facebook ussr click on mobile ads compared to their desktop counterparts.

facebook iphone lead
facebook iphone lead

Despite fears to the contrary, it looks like Facebook's newly launched mobile ads could potentially become a solid revenue stream for the social network. According to a report at TechCrunch, based on data from Facebook advertising firm TBG Digital, users are clicking on ads in their mobile news feed much more than they are on the desktop version of the site. Based on data culled from 278,389,453 ad impressions, TBG claims that the clickthrough rate — the percentage of clicks an ad gets divided by the number of impressions it receives — is 1.14 percent on mobile, compared to just 0.588 percent on the web. Even better for Facebook, the social network not only has a higher percentage of clicks on mobile, but it also reportedly earns more per click — $0.86 compared to $0.63.

Meanwhile, other ad companies are showing similar numbers — an AdParlor study revealed mobile ads to have a clickthrough rate of 0.821 percent, while Spruce Media has the rate pegged at between 0.8 percent and 1.7 percent. Of course, all three of these companies sell mobile ads, and so have much to gain from Facebook's success. But as more and more users flock to mobile at the expense of the desktop experience, finding ways to monetize those users will be key to Facebook's growth — currently mobile ads generate around one-fifth the revenue of their desktop counterparts. The social network is also reportedly working on expanding its mobile ad offerings to include location-based advertisements, which in the past have shown relatively high clickthrough rates.