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Twitter 'no replies' feature simplifies verified profiles, cuts out conversations

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Twitter has introduced an option to remove replies from verified account's profile pages.

Twitter no replies
Twitter no replies

Looking through a member's tweets on their profile page has always been a bit of a frustrating experience. Anyone who's tried it will be very familiar with it — you end up with a large list of replies with a few original tweets sprinkled in. Twitter is thankfully changing that all today, as it is now rolling out an option to remove replies from timelines. For now the feature is rolling out to verified accounts only, so if you check such an account today you should see an "all / no replies" button at the top of the feed. There's no word if Twitter will ever introduce the option to profile pages of those who haven't garnered quite enough of a following to get verified, and currently the option is (disappointingly) relegated at this point to Twitter's recently sped-up web interface. So long as you're using the web app you'll no longer see the replies by default, which should be great news to those who've tried to dig through any famous person's or corporation's Twitter feed. Now we just need Twitter to update its mobile apps to take advantage of the new simplified layout.