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Verizon Motorola Xoom scheduled for ICS update on June 4th

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Two months after its Wi-Fi counterpart was upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, Verizon's variant of the Motorola Xoom will receive an update to Android 4.0.

Motorola Xoom
Motorola Xoom

Owners of the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom were upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich all the way back in April, and two months later owners of Verizon's version will finally be able to say the same. The carrier has announced that Android 4.0.4 will be coming to the tablet in just a few days — June 4th, to be exact. The update will obviously bring with it a number of new features, including a built-in photo editor, single-swipe notification dismissal, and additional speech-to-text functionality. According to the carrier, the update will run 107.9MB in size, and will be available as an over-the-air update.