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Google now free to use in Germany

Google now free to use in Germany


Google Germany has announced that its email service is now known as Gmail, meaning that "Gmail is Gmail everywhere."

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After a trademark dispute which dates back many years, Google has prevailed in its attempts to use its Gmail branding in Germany. Up until now, German users were given addresses, due to Daniel Giersch — who registered a German trademark for "G-Mail" in 2000, four years before Google created an email service. Now, the dispute appears to have been resolved, as Google has announced it's changing the name of its German "Google Mail" brand to Gmail. Everyone with a account will be provided with the appropriate address, although all previous addresses will continue to function.

Today's news echoes a similar result from a case in the UK two years ago, where Google again prevailed. According to Google, Germany was the last country to not have its Gmail branding, and so "Gmail is Gmail everywhere." If you'd like to see some ecstatic Germans planning to buy tickets for an unknown final, Google Germany has created a video celebrating the change.