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Samsung owed compensation from Apple after winning 3G patent ruling in The Hague

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Samsung wins against Apple in the Hague, seeks compensation.

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The Hague District Court has ruled in Samsung's favor regarding a 3G patent asserted against Apple. As reported by AllAboutPhones, Samsung has already issued a statement to the press ahead of the decision's publication:

"Samsung welcomes the decision of the court in The Hague, which again confirms that Apple makes free use of our technological innovations. In accordance with this statement, we will recover adequate damages that Apple and its products have caused."

While the Dutch court already rejected Samsung's earlier attempt to ban Apple's iPhones and iPads based on four patents deemed essential to 3G, Samsung's announcement suggests that Apple has been found to violate at least one of Samsung's patents on older iPads and iPhones using baseband chips from companies other than Qualcomm.

Update: The ruling has been published and states that Apple must pay compensation for infringing patent EP1188269. However, because it's classified as FRAND, Samsung is not entitled to a ban on sales or import. The infringing devices are the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and iPad 1 and 2.