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'Draw Something' and 'Words With Friends' coming to Windows Phone (update)

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Zynga is bringing Words with Friends and Draw Something to Windows Phone devices.

Draw Something Windows Phone
Draw Something Windows Phone

Two of Zynga's most popular games, Draw Something and Word With Friends, are coming to Windows Phone devices soon. The games are Zynga's first on the platform. Both are multiplayer turn-based re-imaginings of classic games: Draw Something is basically a remote multiplayer version of the drawing game Pictionary, whereas Words With Friends borrows heavily from the word game Scrabble.

Draw Something was developed by OMGPOP (before it was bought by Zynga), and quickly became one of the most popular smartphone games around, amassing 50 million downloads in just 50 days. According to AppData, the pair count 39.9 million active user logging in via Facebook Connect per month between them. Draw Something and Words With Friends will be coming to Windows Phone later this year.

Update: Nokia has announced that both games will be available exclusively on Lumia phones for a two-month period before appearing on the wider Windows Marketplace.