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UK Minister for Culture blames carriers for ongoing 4G LTE delays

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The UK's minister for culture has put the blame for the constant 4G LTE rollout delays squarely on the country's mobile carriers.

London Oxford Street stock 1020px
London Oxford Street stock 1020px

The UK has seen constant delays when it comes to the rollout of 4G LTE networks and, according to the Minister for Culture, it's the mobile carriers that are to blame. While speaking at the Future of Entertainment summit in London, minister Ed Vaizey explained that constant legal threats from mobile carriers are the root cause of the ongoing delays. "Just about every mobile service provider has threatened to sue Ofcom if they get it wrong," Vaizey said. "If you want to look at the delay, don't look at Ofcom, don't look at the Government, ask your mobile service provider." The 800MHz spectrum auction that will clear the way for a full-scale rollout is scheduled for 2013, though that too may end up being delayed due to potential legal challenges.