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Italian airline Alitalia adds Motorola Xoom 2 for in-flight entertainment, customer service

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Italian airline Alitalia has teamed up with Motorola Mobility to place the Xoom 2 in planes as an in-flight entertainment option.

motorola xoom 2_1020
motorola xoom 2_1020

Remember Scoot, the airline that replaced its in-flight entertainment system with iPads? It's not the only airline to start moving to tablets. Motorola Mobility is teaming up with Italian airline Alitalia to put the Xoom 2 in the hands of crew and passengers alike. For crew, the tablet will be used for keeping track of flight and passenger information. On some mid- and long-distance flights, business and "Magnifica" class passengers will also be given tablets pre-loaded with movies, music, magazines, and games. Xooms will also show up in ten Alitalia airport lounges.

Unlike Scoot, Alitalia won't be removing any existing in-flight entertainment systems. Instead, the tablets are going on planes that don't yet have an entertainment system installed. It's the kind of model we could increasingly see other airlines moving towards, since tablets are lighter and generally more intuitive for passengers. Tablets have also started showing up in place of cumbersome flight bags for major US carriers.