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Pinterest adds integration to pin and play SoundCloud songs and Kickstarter videos

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Pinterest has added automatic integration for SlideShare, Kickstarter, SoundCloud, Etsy, and 500px, and SlideShare presentations, Kickstarter videos, and SoundCloud songs can now be played within boards.

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Social network Pinterest is adding playable audio from SoundCloud. Tunes from SoundCloud can now be pinned to users' boards, where they will show up as the cover artwork. They'll be automatically attributed to the artist, and users can play them right from the board. There's also a button to share to Pinterest on the new SoundCloud private beta. SoundCloud has been called the "Pinterest of music," and the two are a natural fit together.

Pinterest's also adding automatic attribution for several more sources, following the deep integration it announced with Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo last month. Photos from 500px, videos from Kickstarter, presentations from SlideShare, and listings from Etsy will all be automatically attributed, and content from Kickstarter or SlideShare can be played just like SoundCloud songs. Pinterest has a fraught relationship with copyright, so it's in both their best interests and those of frequently-pinned services to make it easier to tell where users are getting the content.