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WikiStats provides a real-time look at what's trending on Wikipedia

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Using factors like number of edits and unique editors, a new site called WikiStats ranks the current trending topics from Wikipedia.

Galaxy Nexus Wikipedia
Galaxy Nexus Wikipedia

DataSift, the company behind TweetMeme, has launched a new project called WikiStats that's designed to provide insight into what topics are currently trending on Wikipedia. The site looks at the most popular pages over the last 24 hours, and uses an algorithm that combines factors like number of edits, the number of lines added or removed during edits, and the number of unique editors to assign a page a ranking out of 100. The result is a list of the current most popular topics on the site, which you can also view in more specific categories like sports, technology, or celebrities. And clicking on a specific page provides even more detail, such as how many edits were made at a given hour and the usernames of those editors.

"Articles that climb the ranks of WikiStats are typically based on news events, research updates, or highly controversial subject matter," the company explained in a blog post. At the time of writing the current top ranked articles include two major sporting events — "UEFA Euro 2012 knockout stage" and "SummerSlam (2012)." Like TweetMeme or Google's Hot Searches, WikiStats provides yet another way to check out what topics are trending online in real-time. The site just launched today so you can check it out right now.