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Sina Weibo adds premium services for paying subscribers

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Sina Wiebo users now have the option of paying for a premium membership, adding features like personalized pages and added security options.

sina weibo
sina weibo

Sina Weibo, China's alternative to Twitter, has rolled out premium services for ¥10 ($1.57) a month or ¥108 ($16.99) a year. The VIP membership includes 15 new features, such as personalized pages, additional security options, and voice posts. While fee-based additions may seem out of place for a microblogging service, a considerable amount of income can be earned if only a small percentage its 300 million users sign up. According to BBC News, Sina Weibo reported a loss of $13.7 million during its first quarter of 2012, so the new feature may be an attempt to get back to black.