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New iPhone will reportedly switch to smaller 19-pin dock connector

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TechCrunch is reporting that a new 19-pin dock connector port will make its debut on Apple's next iPhone.

Apple iPhone dock
Apple iPhone dock

Rumors have been flying around for a while that Apple is planning to ditch the trusty 30-pin dock connector that it introduced with the iPod in 2003. We first heard reports last month that the change would come with the next iPhone, and then alleged photos of the handset turned up showing a smaller port in the dock connector position. Now TechCrunch is reporting that the shrunken port will indeed make its debut on Apple's next phone, and specifically that it will have 19 pins.

This comes from speaking to three separate accessory manufacturers, and while it's unlikely that they'd have been officially let in on Apple's plans ahead of time, they'd no doubt want to get on top of such a drastic change to the iOS ecosystem. Whether this particular rumor turns out to be the real deal or not, the evidence is certainly mounting.