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OnLive accepting beta registrations for MultiView game spectating service

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Registration for OnLive's MultiView spectating software closed beta has begun. According to a rep from OnLive, the beta won't actually start for another four to six weeks.

OnLive Multiview HDTV E3 2012
OnLive Multiview HDTV E3 2012

OnLive is accepting registrations for the MultiView closed beta we heard about at E3, bringing us a little closer to using the spectating service on our own raids. Just a little, though — a rep from OnLive tells us that the beta won’t actually begin for another four to six weeks. MultiView lets users of OnLive's cloud gaming service watch up to three live player video streams while playing another game in a separate window. It's being positioned as a social offering, but MultiView could be an exciting development for multiplayer games as well, letting you keep close tabs on exactly what your team members are up to.