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Android 4.0 update rolling out for AT&T Galaxy S II

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AT&T's Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy S II has started to roll out.

galaxy s ii
galaxy s ii

T-Mobile got there first, but now AT&T is finally rolling out Android 4.0 for its own variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II. As with T-Mobile, the update comes via Samsung's Kies software rather than over-the-air. A functional AT&T Ice Cream Sandwich ROM actually leaked back in March and was almost indistinguishable from the international TouchWiz update, so we're not quite sure what's taken so long — especially as the final update is apparently the older 4.0.3 version. Still, it's good to see the saga coming to a close, and the update may well breathe a bit of fresh air into the handsets of anyone looking longingly at AT&T's Galaxy S III.

Thanks, Quarlow!