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16GB Galaxy S III on T-Mobile is $279.99 after rebate

16GB Galaxy S III on T-Mobile is $279.99 after rebate


T-Mobile's Galaxy S III pricing starts at $279.99 for a 16GB phone. That's after a $50 mail-in rebate.

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Pricing for the Galaxy S III on T-Mobile is now live on the company’s site, and the phone is not cheap. With a two-year contract and a Classic voice and data plan, the 16GB version will cost you $279.99 — and that’s after you get reimbursed $50 for the mail-in rebate. The 32GB version will set you back an extra $50, for a total of $329.99 after rebate. In comparison, AT&T and Sprint are both offering the 16GB for $199.99, and we've even spotted it for as little as $149.99. As we’ve said before, picking your carrier is at least as important as picking your phone, so you should take some time to see how the competition stacks up in your area before trying to save a relatively few bucks up front on your smartphone purchase.