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Android 4.0 update rolling out for Sony Xperia S

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Sony has started to distribute its Xperia S Android 4.0 update to existing handsets.

Sony Xperia S review_1020
Sony Xperia S review_1020

If you're a Sony Xperia S owner then today is the day Android 4.0 starts rolling out to your handset. Sony has delivered on its previous promise to push the update between "late May" and "early June," offering a whole range of Ice Cream Sandwich features, including an improved lock screen and resizable widgets. The update is available over mobile and Wi-Fi networks directly from the handset, and there's also an option to use Sony's web-based Xperia Update system or the company's PC and Mac apps.

Sony says all Xperia S users will get a notification to alert them that the update is ready, but that availability may vary across different carriers. Weighing in at 200MB, the update rollout will continue over the next few weeks until all Xperia S devices are updated.