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Twitter recovering from major outages

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Twitter is down hard.

twitter fail whale
twitter fail whale

Twitter appears to be experiencing a massive outage. Members of our staff in the US, UK, and Japan cannot access, and the social network's APIs appear to be offline, too: first-party and third-party apps are both unable to send or receive tweets. It's not rare for Twitter's website to experience difficulties (also known as the fail whale), but the entire site is unable to load at this time. It's very rare for the social network's APIs to break, though they appear to be coming and going. If you simply must send a tweet, seems to be loading up just fine, though it's not running at full speed. We've reached out to Twitter to see what the problem is, and we'll update this post when we hear more.

Update: We've received official comment from Twitter: "Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue. Keep an eye on our status blog for more info. Apologies for the inconvenience."

Update 2: Services look to be coming back up: is loading up and the APIs are working, too. We're waiting to hear from the company what caused today's outage.

Update 3: Despite a brief tease of availability, is down again. We'll let you know if the company provides any additional information about the outage.

Update 4: As of 2:10PM ET, is back up. Good luck to us all.

Update 5: Twitter is certainly having major issues on its end. The site is back down as of 2:50PM ET. We'll update this post when we hear final word from Twitter that everything is back to normal.

Update 6: Details are trickling in on what caused today's massive problems with Twitter — one of the largest ever for the site — and it looks like it was due to a bug.