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Google allegedly testing new, sidebar-free search interface

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A video allegedly shows a new search interface Google is testing. The redesign moves search options from a sidebar to the top of the screen.

New Google UI Tecno-News Rumor
New Google UI Tecno-News Rumor

A video from Tecno-Net apparently shows a new version of Google's search interface. The UI in the short clip is much more vertically-oriented, with sections like images and news placed at the top rather than the side. Search tools are also shown at the top as a series of dropdown menus instead of the current text links sidebar. The whole thing looks very clean, and we could see navigation being easier to find at the top. Because the user in the video wasn't signed in, we didn't get to see any of the social features Google's been pushing lately, like the personalized search results toggle or Plus integration.

Tecno-Net calls the video an "exclusive" but doesn't say how they found the new system. If it is real, it could also be in an early stage of development, which means it might change substantially or not be implemented at all. If this does end up coming to users, we hope Google finds a way to better utilize the extra horizontal space on widescreen displays.