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Samsung Series 7 MHL monitors now on sale in the UK

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Samsung's new Series 7 HDTV and LED monitors are now availabe in the UK, featuring mobile high-definition link connectivity.

samsung sb750v
samsung sb750v

Samsung has announced that its new Series 7 TB750 HDTV and SB750 LED monitors can now be purchased in the UK, both of which include Mobile High-definition Link connectivity. By using MHL technology, owners of compatible smartphones can share the device's screen with the monitor for anything from games and apps to photos and videos in full 1080p, providing added functionality beyond a standard HDMI port. Other devices like Roku's Streaming Stick can also be linked via MHL, with digital audio handled through the same connection. Both monitors include WiDi connectivity, Samsung's All Share Play service, and Connect Share. Samsung's Smart Hub also comes preloaded on the TB750 HDTV monitor. The 27-inch SB750 LED monitor can be purchased for £339.99 ($532), with the 24-inch TB750 HDTV priced at £299.99 ($469) and the 27-inch version at £399.99 ($548).