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Android Developers site simplified and relaunched

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Android Design site
Android Design site

Google has restyled its Android Developers site today ahead of next week's Google I/O conference, promoting the Design section — first launched in January — up to the top. In general, the front page has been simplified considerably; the seven section tabs have been reduced to three and broken into what Google calls the "baskets" of a developer's tasks: Design, Develop, and Distribute, with each section focused on a different phase of an app's life cycle. The redesign also means Google's getting a taste of its own medicine: Android Developers had never been the prettiest destination on the web, but the new look puts it more in line with the company's app design guidelines and employs Roboto, the system font introduced with Android 4.0.

In all likelihood, the site will get a lot of new content in just a few days when I/O kicks off next Wednesday, June 27th, and we'll be covering it live.