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Ford's Keyfree Login turns your smartphone into a wireless key for your online accounts

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Ford has announced Keyfree Login, a new app that turns your smartphone into a wireless hardware key for unlocking your web accounts.

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Ford Keyfree Login screencap
Ford Keyfree Login screencap

Managing the logins and passwords for the websites we visit has given birth to an entire cottage industry of management applications, but an unlikely company has announced its own entrant: Ford. The company's Keyfree Login provides the same functionality as other apps — it stores your login information, and will automatically enter it for you via a Chrome extension — but the hook is that it uses your smartphone as a wireless hardware key. According to the company's promotional video, you sync your smartphone via Bluetooth with the desktop app, and whenever your device is within range, your passwords are automatically unlocked and you will be logged into your sites on your computer.

Unfortunately the app isn't yet available for download — according to the page hosting the below promotional video, a new version will be released shortly — and as demoed it's not clear just how many services it will support. There's also the practical implications of accidentally providing access to all of your web-based accounts simply by leaving your smartphone on the desk. Still, we love the idea, and can't wait to try it out for ourselves.