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Tweetbot for Mac confirmed as first image surfaces on Twitter

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Tapbots has confirmed Tweetbot for Mac is coming, with the first image of the app released onto the web today by the company's Mark Jardine.

Tweetbot for Mac leak
Tweetbot for Mac leak

We've suspected that the popular iOS Twitter client Tweetbot was coming to the Mac, and now it's been confirmed. Tapbots' Mark Jardine posted an image on Twitter today, touting the Retina display of a new MacBook Pro — which just so happened to have the forthcoming Mac client on the screen. While Jardine played coy when asked about future app plans on Twitter, Tapbots did confirm to us that the app was on its way — and sure enough, Jardine later posted a higher-resolution version of the image providing an even closer look.

There's not too much detail to glean just yet; the app looks similar to the official Twitter client in its overall layout, though it features the same lineup of icons on the left as the iPad version. Tweetbot has a fervent following, and we can't wait to dig deeper on the company's OS X app.

Ellis Hamburger contributed to this report.