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Bing image search redesigned with larger thumbnails and new tools

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Bing image search was updated today with larger thumbnails and new search tools.

Bing image search redesign
Bing image search redesign

Bing may have seen a major update last month that saw the addition of lots of new social features, but it appears that Microsoft isn't done yet. Today the company has completely redesigned image search. The first thing that you'll notice is that image thumbnails are now significantly larger, and, just like Flickr's "justified" view, pictures of different aspect ratios are now all scaled to fit nicely together. Of course, to get rid of all of the extra white space around each picture important information like size, location, and title had to go somewhere else. You'll now see all of those details when you hover over an image, which also magnifies the preview itself.

The Bing team has also moved a few other tools around to make things a bit easier to use. Filter tools like size, color, layout, and people have all been moved to the top (much like a supposed Google search redesign we saw earlier today), and below that bar is another list of suggested searches that are similar to your query. Bing says that seven percent of all of its searches are for images, and all of those users should be seeing the new layout now.