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Capcom celebrates 'Mega Man' anniversary with a ten-disc soundtrack in an e-tank

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Capcom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mega Man with a new ten disc soundtrack that comes packed in an e-tank can.

Mega Man e-tank CD set
Mega Man e-tank CD set

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of its most iconic characters, Capcom is releasing a limited edition 10-disc Mega Man soundtrack complete with a full-color booklet — but only in Japan. The set — which, naturally, comes in an e-tank canister — is available from the Japanese E-Capcom site, where it sells for ¥14,700 (about US$180) with deliveries expected to begin on September 9th. As you'd expect, the ten CDs cover each of the main entries in the Mega Man series, from the original NES games all the way up to more recent releases on WiiWare, the PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade. It may be a bit pricey for a format most of don't actually use anymore, though that e-tank tin makes it hard to resist — and it'll look great sitting next to your Resident Evil 6 leather jacket.