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Yahoo Mail rolls out Photos app to web client users, also available on mobile devices

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Yahoo has released a Photos app for Yahoo Mail that lets users easily view pictures both sent and received in their email inbox.

yahoo mail photos
yahoo mail photos

Yahoo today announced the addition of a Photos app to its browser-based email site. According to a blog post at the company's mail blog, the app has been designed to make locating and sharing your photo memories a significantly easier and more intuitive process. Whereas other clients often require sifting through your emails to retrieve pictures you've sent and received, the Photos app automatically aggregates each and every image that's currently in your inbox. Results can be sorted by date, sender, or file size, and date all the way back through the entire life of your account. That either means you'll be greeted with hundreds of photos or just a select few depending on your email management habits.

Pictures can of course be attached to a new message, and you're also able to export your photos to Flickr. Speaking of which, those who have linked their Flickr gallery with a Yahoo Mail account will see their photostream represented in the app. Photos can be found in the applications panel of Yahoo Mail and the company says it's also available when viewing your inbox from within a browser on a mobile device.