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Fortune: Gaikai looking to sell streaming game business for $500+ million

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Fortune reports that Gaikai is looking to sell itself for $500+ million.

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Fortune is reporting that Gaikai is on the market: the streaming game company has hired bankers and is looking for a buyer to spend "well in excess of $500 million," according to the publication's anonymous sources. We can't say whether that would be a fair price for the firm or not, but it's definitely a company to watch: we recently spent an entire day at Gaikai's Aliso Viejo HQ, and discovered that the team's ambitions go way beyond getting gamers to pay for a cloud-based game or twelve.

When we reached out, Gaikai wouldn't comment on what it characterized as a rumor, but this isn't the first time this month that the company's allegedly been headed towards a sale. Earlier this month, multiple independent publications reported that Sony was set to purchase Gaikai, and would announce a PlayStation streaming service using the company's technology at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Obviously, E3 came and went without so much as a nod, so perhaps the Sony deal fell through and Gaikai is seeking a replacement partner... or perhaps we should take the entire story with a proverbial grain of salt.