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Nevada Gaming Control Board grants first two licenses for regulated online casino games

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The state of Nevada's Gaming Control Board has issued the first two licenses to allow companies to engage in online casino gaming.

Bally Technologies logo
Bally Technologies logo

Bally Technologies and International Game Technology will now be able to take their casino gaming businesses online, courtesy of new licenses from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Last year Nevada became the first US state to authorize online gambling, though under the regulations the NGCB would still need to license individual companies before taking part. Having passed that threshold, both companies will be able to offer their services — though according to Bloomberg Bally will simply offer its own iGaming platform to other vendors rather than compete directly against the gaming establishments it already sells machines to.

Bally's platform is designed to cover a number of different gaming types, from online poker and casino games, to sports betting and social gaming. It also features mobile support — presumably to allow users to wager directly from their smartphones. Both companies will need to have their respective platforms independently tested before they go live. With over 20 companies having reportedly filed for similar licenses in Nevada, however — and 10 other states having either passed or considering the passage of similar regulations — we expect this type of gaming to make an appearance in the very near future.