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Pentax K-30: hands-on with the weather-sealed, 16-megapixel DSLR

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Hands-on impressions of Pentax's weather-sealed K-30 DSLR.

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Gallery Photo:

We've just had the opportunity to take a look at Pentax's new weather-sealed DSLR, the K-30. If you're not familiar with the camera itself, it has a 16-megapixel APS-C sensor, 6 FPS continuous shooting, and it supports up to ISO 12,800 (expandable up to 25,600). Those specs are fairly standard for a DSLR that starts at $849.95, but, of course, Pentax is touting the K-30's tough, weather-sealed body, which is borrowed from the step-up K-5 before it. Unfortunately, that all adds up for some ergonomics that aren't the best around. Don't get us wrong, Pentax has nailed the grip itself, which is quite comfortable. There are a few problems, however: the body itself is very angular, and the glossy finish on the white a blue models make the camera feel inexpensive (we'd suggest going for the more boring black option). Additionally, the control dials are also far too small for comfortable use, and the resistance required to begin turning them means that you'll likely spin them a bit farther than you wanted.

There are plenty of controls — just as you'd expect on a DSLR — so changing aperture, shutter speed, or ISO is fairly easy. The downside is that what controls are limited to the on-screen interface are difficult to access in their somewhat complicated menus. Additionally, on its default settings the display doesn't turn off until you depress the shutter release half-way, meaning you'll be distracted by its light when peering through the viewfinder. We won't be able to comment on the weather-sealing itself without taking the K-30 for a (rough) spin, but if you're interested we're told that the DSLR will be available in two or three weeks. At $849.95 you'll only be getting the body, however — it'll cost you an extra $50 to get a 18-55mm kit lens.