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Nike+ Running now available for Android, iOS gets version 4.0 update with new interface

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Nike has launched its GPS-powered Nike+ Running app for Android and updated the iOS version to 4.0.

nike+ android air force ones
nike+ android air force ones

Nike already has plans to put its fitness brand on your wrist and in your living room, but now it'll be found in a lot more pockets — the company just launched its GPS-powered Nike+ Running app for Android. The release coincides with the iOS version, Nike+ GPS, being updated to version 4.0 and taking the new Nike+ Running name. The two apps now share a similar interface, with new features including starting a run from anywhere in the app, comparing your last run with the seven previous ones, and — somewhat dubiously — a "shoe tagging" ability that lets you track your sneakers' progress and find out when it's time to buy a new pair.

The Android version, meanwhile, has the standard social integration of the iOS app, along with a convenient home screen widget that'll measure your distance and let you jump straight into a new run. It's available now for devices running Gingerbread and above.