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Flipboard officially debuts on Android, adds Google+ and YouTube, and comes standard on the Galaxy S III in the US

Flipboard officially debuts on Android, adds Google+ and YouTube, and comes standard on the Galaxy S III in the US


Flipboard adds support for Google+ and YouTube, adds an official Android app, and will now come as a default install on all Galaxy S III devices in the US.

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flipboard android
flipboard android

Social news reading app Flipboard is today officially launching its Android app after its short beta period, new integration with YouTube as well as Google+ (which we heard about the other day) across platforms, and a big distribution deal with Samsung.

Some of the Flipboard team dropped by the Verge office to show off the new Android and iOS apps — still no Windows Phone version. The new Android app is mostly indistinguishable from the beta; it's just more stable and will be available as an official download across most Android app stores. The YouTube and Google+ integration (available on both iOS and Android) works about like you'd expect if you've ever hooked Twitter or Facebook into Flipboard. To add, tap the content guide ribbon, and select either service under 'Your Accounts' > 'Add an Account.'

YouTube on Flipboard pulls in all of your subscriptions for easy browsing, and there's full commenting, liking, sharing, and subscription support built directly into the app. Google+ is much the same; you can +1, share, and comments on posts, and browse circles, individual users, or any pages. I find the new Google+ Flipboard experience much more pleasing to browse than the recently redesigned Google+ mobile apps, which seem overly cluttered on both iOS and Android.

In May, Flipboard was shown off running on Android for the first time at Samsung's Galaxy S III press event, but the companies offered few additional details. Today's big distribution announcement is that Flipboard will come pre-installed on all Galaxy S III devices (with a default homescreen widget) in the US, which should be a big boon for bringing in new users. Finally, the app brings its localized versions up to 12 by adding support for Germany, Spain, Italy, Korea, and The Netherlands.

The updated app is available now from the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store, Barnes & Noble's NOOK Store, Amazon's Appstore for Android, and Samsung Apps.

Flipboard for Android and iOS update