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Microsoft SmartGlass SDK now available

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Microsoft has released an SDK for its new interactive video platform, SmartGlass, to approved developers.

SmartGlass Game of Thrones Lumia 900 from E3
SmartGlass Game of Thrones Lumia 900 from E3

The Software Development Kit (SDK) for SmartGlass, Microsoft's new interactive video platform, is now ready for download. SmartGlass will provide remote control functions and additional interactive content for movies, TV shows, and Xbox 360 games via your PC, tablet, or smartphone. The SDK is currently only available to Microsoft employees and partners signed up to the Microsoft Game Developer Network. It includes the SmartGlass studio, along with a JavaScript library for cross-platform development and a sample application to show what the platform is capable of. Microsoft SmartGlass will launch later this year, giving developers and studios plenty of time to get their applications and content ready.