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Apple's new employee discounts start: $500 off a Mac and $250 off an iPad

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Apple is beginning its new discount program for retail workers. Once every three years, employees will receive $500 off a new Mac and $250 off a new iPad.

apple store shibuya 1020
apple store shibuya 1020

Back in January Tim Cook announced plans to give employees a break on new Mac and iPad purchases, to the tune of $500 and $250, respectively. Well, 9to5Mac reports that the company is making good on the offer and employees are already able to take advantage of the new deal.

The discounts are for retail employees as well as others higher up the food chain like designers and engineers. And while they can only be used once every three years, they can be stacked with the existing 25 percent discount. Unfortunately, though, you won’t be able to use it with the new Retina Display MacBook Pros, presumably because of short supply. Before you starting polishing your resume, we should let you know that you need to work with the company for three months before you can take advantage of the deal.