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Samsung tempting UK iPhone users with Easy Phone Sync

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Samsung is trying to attract iPhone users in the UK by offering them a free copy of Easy Phone Sync, letting them sync media, contacts, and text messages from iTunes to Galaxy devices.

UK Galaxy S III 2
UK Galaxy S III 2

Samsung is attempting to convert existing UK iPhone users by offering them a free copy of Easy Phone Sync — an app that will move text messages, contacts, and media out of iTunes and onto a Galaxy phone.The utility uses both desktop and Android apps, which will grab synced iPhone content out of iTunes and transfer it to your new Galaxy the next time it's connected via USB. Media Mushroom Limited, the company behind the app, notes that the software is restricted to "specific devices [and] specific regions at this time," meaning non-Samsung users or people outside of the UK can't download or even purchase this app. The company does offer other apps that are available to everyone, but they don't offer the same all-in-one functionality.