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Google rumored to launch business-focused cloud computing service at I/O conference

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Google is rumored to be launching an enterprise-focused cloud computing service similar to Amazon's EC2 at the I / O conference next week.

google I'm feeling lucky stock 1020
google I'm feeling lucky stock 1020

Drive may not be the only cloud-based service Google launches this year. According to GigaOm, sources have confirmed previous rumors that Google wants to compete with Amazon in the corporate cloud services market. That means launching virtual servers like those in Amazon's EC2. Google already has some similar services for developers, including Google Cloud Storage and Google App Engine, which provide data storage and a web app platform respectively. If it launches a more comprehensive service, these might end up getting rolled into it, but GigaOm says it's also planning to work with third parties, specifically cloud management services Rightscale and Opscode.

This rumor was first floated in early May, but at that point the service was allegedly not set to go live until near the end of the year. Now, sources apparently say that Google will be launching it at the I / O conference next week. A similar rumor has Microsoft also launching a new enterprise cloud platform, but the date it was supposed to unveil it has come and gone.