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'The Prototype' trailer explores the union between man and machine

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A trailer has leaked onto the internet showing Andrew Will's upcoming $40 million movie, The Prototype, where a scientist developing a humanoid robot is suddenly killed by his creation.

The Prototype Movie 3
The Prototype Movie 3

A trailer involving a scientist, a humanoid robot, and technological singularity has leaked onto the internet, and it's for a movie called The Prototype. In what looks like the near future, this scientist creates a robot that the military is classifying as "the next generation of unmanned drone technology."

The Prototype is being written and directed by Andrew Will and produced by the Bandito Brothers. This team's last movie, Act of Valor, was made for only $12 million but received rather tepid reviews. According to Deadline, this movie is getting a much higher $40 million budget that actually puts it above District 9's $30 million price tag. While money alone doesn't guarantee success, we like what we've seen thus far.