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Mozilla teases major Firefox for Android announcement next week

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In a tweet posted earlier today, Mozilla teased that it will be unveiling a new version of Firefox for Android during the same week as Google I/O.

firefox google io announcement
firefox google io announcement

It looks like Mozilla has a major announcement up its sleeve regarding Firefox for Android, as a post from the company's official Twitter account promised "something big" would be coming next week.

The tweet was accompanied by a teaser image that reads "Fast. Smart. Safe.," suggesting that Mozilla will emphasize speed, feature, and security enhancements with its newest version of Firefox for Android. With the speed improvements seen in the most recent version of Dolphin Browser HD, it will be interesting to see just how the two stack up. The announcement follows this week's news that the company is currently developing an iPad-nativeversion of its browser, and will fall alongside Google's development conference next week.