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Watch this: 'Blade Runner' recreated in watercolor

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YouTube user andersramsell has created a thirteen minute paraphrasing of Blade Runner using 3,285 watercolor paintings played in rapid succession to the film's original audio.

bladerunner image
bladerunner image

In a feat of dedication and artistic stamina, YouTube user andersramsell has re-created scenes from the iconic sci-fi thriller, Blade Runner, using a staggering 3,285 watercolor paintings. The animation is set to the film's original audio, and the effect is positively haunting — the coarse imagery and swirling colors distance you from the visual part of the film, forcing you to focus on the detailed atmospheric sound design. The title of the video hints that this could be the first in a series of similar videos, and we're definitely looking forward to including this in the debate over which cut of Blade Runner is the best.