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WSJ: Larry Page says 'there is nothing seriously wrong with me,' still to miss Google I/O

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Larry Page will not appear at Google I/O because he has "lost his voice," according to Eric Schmidt, though the CEO said in an internal memo that "there is nothing seriously wrong with me."

Larry Page
Larry Page

News broke earlier this week that Google CEO Larry Page would not take the stage at the I/O developer conference next week because (in the words of executive chairman Eric Schmidt) he has "lost his voice," but the CEO has seen fit to temper fears around the unspecified condition. Both The Wall Street Journal and Reuters report that Page told employees in an internal memo that "there is nothing seriously wrong with me" and that he will "continue to run the company." Google's chief missed an annual shareholder meeting last week, and Schmidt said at the time that the CEO would not be available for the company's Q2 earnings call in mid-July, either. We hope Page gets well soon, but the show must go on, and we'll be at Google I/O live on Wednesday, June 27th, to see what the company has got to show us. We suspect some jelly beans will be involved.