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Samsung Galaxy S III for T-Mobile review, price, and availability

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Samsung's Galaxy S III was announced in May, and throughout June it's coming to a number of different US carriers, including T-Mobile. We reviewed the international version of the device a few weeks ago, and luckily for T-Mobile customers little has changed in the device's migration stateside. Check out our full review below, as well as our impressions and tests of the new handset that should look awfully appealing to anyone looking for a new phone this summer. The device went on sale June 21, starting at $279.99 with a two-year contract.

  • David Pierce

    Jun 23, 2012

    David Pierce

    Samsung Galaxy S III for T-Mobile: impressions and benchmarks

    Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy S III for T-Mobile hands-on pictures
    Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy S III for T-Mobile hands-on pictures

    We've spent some time with a handful of variants of the Samsung Galaxy S III, from the international version to those sold by Sprint and AT&T. Now we've had a chance to test out the version available to T-Mobile customers, a $279.99 phone (with a two-year contract) that is going head-to-head with HTC's One S and, well, not much else. The T-Mobile competition isn't exactly steep, but luckily for potential upgraders there's an awful lot to like about Samsung's latest flagship device.

    We initially reviewed the international version of the Galaxy S III, and found that despite somewhat lackluster build quality it's an excellent handset. Samsung's focus with the device was clearly on software, and it shows: from S Voice to the scaled-back TouchWiz, this handset runs Android 4.0 as well as any we've tested. There are some imperfections (we're not totally sold on the Nature UX), and we still prefer a stock Android experience like you'll find on the Galaxy Nexus, but the Galaxy S III is a very good device.

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  • May 25, 2012

    Vlad Savov

    Samsung Galaxy S III review

    gs iii review
    gs iii review

    How do you review a phone like the Galaxy S III? It’s already been subject to so much speculation, exposure, and early judgment — some of it coming from myself, admittedly — that it feels overwhelming to try and condense what it means to everyone into a single treatise. To Samsung, it’s the new flagship handset to keep the company ahead of every other Android OEM through 2012, for most people it’s a device that stretches the definition of the smartphone form factor, and to mobile gaming enthusiasts it’s potentially the most powerful platform yet.

    Being a spec leader isn’t new to Samsung, but the Galaxy S III betrays an even loftier ambition: South Korea’s largest chaebol wants to also be known as a front runner in software. Android 4.0 is the basis upon which Samsung has built a formidable list of new and returning enhancements: S Beam, S Memo, S Planner, S Voice, Smart Stay, Direct Call, and even a limited-term exclusive of the Flipboard Android app. Throwing in 50GB of free Dropbox storage for two years makes Samsung’s offering seem comprehensive, but is it cohesive? That’ll be the primary question to answer for people wondering if the long wait for the Galaxy S III has been worth it.

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