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Watch this: Pogomix shows you how to mashup TV and movie clips into music

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A video by mashup creator Nick Burke shows his process for creating thumping beats and melodies out of movies and TV shows.

Pogo Nick Berke
Pogo Nick Berke

Nick Berke of Pogomix has decided to share his method of ripping sounds from movies and TV shows and blending them together to create "mashup" remixes. Berke's process involves extracting audio samples from various media using Adobe Audition, then adding them to an arrangement in Ableton. While that may sound simple, Burke emphasizes the need to feel out the music, rather than trying to use a rigid formula. While the explanation veers beyond beginner expertise at moments, Burke's creations are so catchy that even the greenest of digital musicians will want to give this a try.

Pogo was formerly part of Reverse Enginears, who has also worked with us and Polygon to make some amazing remixes like this one — on the history of games.