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Leaked 'Air' video reveals Nokia's cloud ambitions, circa 2011

Leaked 'Air' video reveals Nokia's cloud ambitions, circa 2011


A Nokia video demoing a never-announced cloud service, Air, along with some concept hardware has been leaked by a Nokia contractor.

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Remember when Symbian and MeeGo were the future? Perhaps not, but Nokia does, and a video recently discovered by Symbian Tweet shows that Espoo had some big plans for its homegrown OSes. The video depicts an unannounced service called Nokia Air, which promises to keep all your contacts, messages, and even apps in the cloud. While this may not sound revolutionary, the video implies that your apps will be streamed over the air, with no need to store anything locally. It's a novel idea, but with MeeGo and Symbian both laying by the wayside and Nokia concentrated on Windows Phone, we're pretty much guaranteed to never see this concept turned into reality. It also appears to have been created around mid-2011 — the news and Twitter content shown onscreen dates from May 2011.

The video was uploaded — and apparently accidentally made public — by a copywriter and creative planner at Luxus, a Finnish marketing agency that notes Nokia as one of its clients. Apart from detailing Nokia Air, it shows some very creative concept hardware. There's a slate that looks very much like Sony's Tablet S and, perhaps most interestingly, a slider design referred to as "the mini" that looks like it has a flexible display that rolls out like a scroll. While Nokia has demoed prototypes with flexible displays before — to our own Vlad Savov, no less — we find it very hard to believe that this is more than a designer's dream. Either way, it's a fun look at what might have been for MeeGo had Nokia put its weight behind the N9 rather than Windows Phone 7.