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    Apple Keyboard shortcuts for app switching on an iPad

    Apple Keyboard shortcuts for app switching on an iPad


    A few useful keyboard shortcuts for when you're using an Apple Keyboard with your iPad.

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    With the Surface, Microsoft is making the keyboard a focal point of its tablet, but of course iPad owners also have the option to use an external keyboard with their devices. The problem is that navigating using just the keyboard can be problematic. Thankfully the folks over at Tao of Mac have put together a list of keyboard shortcuts that aren't actually in the iPad's manual but should make typing on your tablet a little easier. These include cmd-tab and cmd-shift-tab, which will let you switch back and forth between two apps, and you can also use left-right followed by option-left/right to page through the dock. It's not quite as helpful as a true task switcher — you can get an idea of what that might look like in the mockup video below — but it should make using an Apple Keyboard together with an iPad a bit more intuitive.