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Garmin Swim GPS watch launched: track aquatic workouts for $149.99

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Garmin has launched the Swim, a GPS sports watch that tracks strokes, laps, and distance.

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GPS company Garmin has branched out a little more in the world of sports with the Swim, a watch that tracks strokes, distance, and pacing for swimmers. Like Garmin's golfing-based S3, the Swim is designed to offer specialized features that can't be duplicated with a phone or standard GPS. After being told the length of the pool, it detects what stroke swimmers are using and then automatically tracks their laps, number of strokes, or other information. It can also track "swolf" scores, the ratio of strokes taken per pool length. Workouts can be logged online, and the watch is supposed to be thin enough to not produce significant drag. Though Garmin doesn't say, we also assume it's water resistant in some capacity.

A number of these features are already present in the Forerunner 910XT, a water resistant multisport watch, but the Swim doesn't come near the Forerunner's almost $400 price tag. It's on sale now for $149.99, making it one of the cheapest Garmin sports watches.