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Galaxy S II Android 4.0 upgrade officially available on AT&T Tuesday after false start

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After a false start, AT&T has announced that its Android 4.0 upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S II will be available tomorrow.

Samsung galaxy s ii touchwiz android 4
Samsung galaxy s ii touchwiz android 4

AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy S II is officially getting Ice Cream Sandwich after a few days of confusion. The upgrade to Android 4.0 was recently made available through Samsung's Kies software, but it soon disappeared, with AT&T saying it had only been testing the update on its servers. Now the carrier has said that users will be able to find it again starting Tuesday. The version AT&T is releasing is apparently about the same as Samsung's international one, adding Face Unlock and a new notifications bar among other things, and it lags behind T-Mobile's update by a couple weeks. There's also a new app for tracking data usage. Despite AT&T's announcement, we've seen some reports that the upgrade is available now for users, so you may want to check Kies if you're really anxious to leave Gingerbread behind.