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Microsoft starts compiling final RTM versions of Windows 8

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Microsoft is currently compiling Release to Manufacturing builds of Windows 8 internally.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft has not yet committed to a release date for Windows 8, but the company has started to compile final builds of the operating system. Listed as Release to Manufacturing (RTM), the builds start at 8500 internally and include the company's Aero removal that it is planning for the final copy of Windows 8. Microsoft revealed in late May that an RTM announcement was due within two months, and it appears that the company is on schedule.

We have confirmed that the company is compiling RTM Windows 8 builds, and a tentative internal schedule places an RTM date at the end of July. We're hearing that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 8 to the public in mid-October, with a Windows Phone 8 launch expected in late October.