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Alleged BlackBerry 10 leak shows specs for all-touch L-series and keyboard N-series

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An alleged leak has revealed specs for an all-touch L-series and keyboard-bearing N-series pair of BlackBerry 10 phones, possibly referring to the London and Nevada codenames.

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We've seen a lot of leaks for BlackBerry 10 device codenames, and now N4BB has what they say is an internal document on the latest two BlackBerry phones. The L-series and N-series could logically be the devices codenamed London and Nevada, with the L-series being the all-touch phone RIM has promised is launching first and the N-series having the physical keyboard that's supposed to be coming later. The L-series is listed as having a 1280 x 768 screen with 356 PPI; it's supposedly 55mm wide. The screen is supposed to be about the same as that on the developer alpha device, and it does apparently have the same resolution.

The N-series, meanwhile, is listed as having a square 720 x 720 display with 330 PPI and a width of 52 to 53mm. According to the document, the first version of the N-series will have an OLED display, with later versions switching to LCD. N4BB says the L-series could be coming out as early as September, with the N-series slated for Q1 of 2013. We didn't see much that either confirmed or refuted our previous information on the London, however, and we're still waiting on the rest of RIM's long list of codenames.